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ColoScreen Lab Multi-Pack


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ColoScreen Lab Pack is designed to provide your laboratory with enough quality ColoScreen testing supplies to meet the demands of your facility. This kit includes 34 triple unit slides, each with multiple specimen sites in order to ensure more accurate results, as well as two 15 mL bottles of Developer, and extra applicators for your convenience.


ColoScreen Lab Pack

  • 34 Triple Unit ColoScreen Slides
  • Each Slide has On-Slide ColoCheck Monitors
  • 2 bottles of 15 mL ColoScreen Developer
  • 100 Specimen Applicators

What are the benefits of using a chemical fecal occult blood test?

A chemical fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is where a small sample of stool is taken and placed on a test strip that utilizes guaiac material, a type of resin, that reacts with blood cells when an oxidizing agent, or developer, has been applied. If blood is actually present, it will turn the guaiac a bright blue color. The reason for administering this test is to detect abnormal cell activity in the colorectal area. If caught in time, colorectal cancer, a.k.a, colon cancer, can be prevented, treated and cured.

It is a very easy and inexpensive test to administer. However, there are certain medications and fruits and vegetables that can skew the results. So, it is important for the patient to strictly follow the preparation directions on the label of the test and those given to them from the doctor.

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