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Cotton Swab Stick Applicators


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Cotton tipped applicator sticks are commonly used for swabbing, ear wax removal, and other health related needs. Long 6" wooden sticks with absorbent rayon cotton tips. Sterile and non-sterile available. Cotton Tipped Applicators are the perfect for swabbing or applying ointments and are available in both sterile and non-sterile packages.


  • - Absorbent cotton tip
  • - 6 inch wooden shaft
  • - Sterile & non-sterile

Uses for Cotton Tipped Applicators:

  • - Application of creams and ointments
  • - Cleansing of wounds
  • - Cerumen removal


Measuring the depth of a wound with a cotton-tipped applicator:

Wound depth is measured in centimeters. Measurement is most commonly accomplished by gently inserting a cotton-tipped applicator into the deepest point of the wound bed. Place a gloved forefinger on the swab at skin level and, holding the finger in place, remove the swab and place it next to a centimeter ruler.

  • Dynarex Number 4302 are Non-Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators are packed 10 bags of 100 per box - 1000 Count.
  • Dynarex Number 4305 Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators are Packed 2 per pouch, 50 pouches per box - 100 Count

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