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Cyanocobalamin USP (Vitamin B 12) Liquid For Compounding (API)

by Medisca
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Cyanocobalamin USP is a synthetic form of Vitamin B 12 that is commonly used in compounding pharmacies to create specialized prescription medications. Vitamin B 12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the nervous system, DNA synthesis, and the production of red blood cells.

Cyanocobalamin USP is primarily used for its therapeutic benefits in treating and preventing vitamin B 12 deficiency, which can lead to symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, and nerve damage. Compounding pharmacies use this active ingredient to create personalized medications, such as tablets, capsules, and injections, that are tailored to individual patient needs and dosages.

Some common uses for compounded preparations containing Cyanocobalamin USP include:

1. Treatment of Vitamin B 12 deficiency: Compounded cyanocobalamin medications are commonly prescribed to individuals with vitamin B 12 deficiency, such as those with pernicious anemia or following certain types of stomach surgeries that affect the absorption of this vitamin.
2. Neurological conditions: Cyanocobalamin is also used in compounded medications to treat neurological conditions that are related to vitamin B 12 deficiency, such as memory loss, depression, and dementia.
3. Support for weight loss: Cyanocobalamin can be used in compounded weight loss preparations to support metabolism and energy levels.
4. Support for energy and stamina: Due to its role in red blood cell production, vitamin B 12 can also act as an energy booster and is often used in compounded supplements to help improve stamina and reduce fatigue.

Cyanocobalamin USP is a crucial ingredient in many compounded preparations and can be beneficial for a variety of conditions related to vitamin B 12 deficiency. These compounded medications can provide personalized treatment options for patients who may not respond well to commercially available products. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any compounded medication.

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