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DermaDress Waterproof Composite Dressing


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DermaDress is a multilayered waterproof sterile dressing. DermaDress has a low-adherent layer that protects the wound. A semiocclusive layer keeps external contamination from penetrating through. 100% Latex free.


DermaDress Features

  1. - Waterproof
  2. - Sterile
  3. - Mutilayered

DermaDress Specifications

  1. - Dermarite 00276E
  2. - Size - 4 x 4 (10 cm x 10 cm)
  3. - 10 dressings per box

 Indications: Primary or secondary dressing for pressure ulcers, full thickness wounds, draining wounds, red, yellow, or black wounds.

Application: Clean the wound site with dermal cleanser or sterile saline and place the dressing over the wound. Secure edges of the dressing with gentle pressure.

Removal: Loosen the perimeter of the dressing and gently lift from one edge.  

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