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Digital Portable Chair Scale with 6V Rechargeable Battery & Charger

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The Digital Chair Scale was created to serve as a means for safely and comfortably obtaining accurate and reliable weight measurements of stationary patients. This sturdy and stable scale is designed so that it won’t shake, and it has flip armrests as well as foldable foot rests that can be moved out the way when needed, which makes it more comfortable for patients and makes it easier for them to access the scale without causing any undue stress. This scale is conveniently powered by a 6V rechargeable battery and has a large 1 ¼” LCD display screen that is easy to read.

Digital Chair Scale Features:

  • Functions: LB / KG Conversion, Zero Out / Tare, Auto Zero, Auto Off
  • Flip arm rest
  • Foldable foot rest
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy-to-clean seat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Factory calibrated
  • Sold by: the each


Advantages of Using this Scale:

  • A comfortable and convenient means of obtaining accurate weight measurements of sedentary patients
  • Has moveable arm and foot rests that can be moved out of the way when needed
  • Digital display is easy to use and easy to read
  • Sturdy construction with a stable base
  • Conveniently powered by a 6 volt reachable battery (charger is included with this unit)
  • The weight can be displayed in pounds or kilograms



  • Capacity: 600 lbs. / 270 kg
  • Resolution: 0.2 lbs. / 0.1 kg
  • Display:  1 ¼" LCD with backlight
  • Seat Size: 18¼” x 14½"
  • Scale Dimensions: 33” x 24” x 37 ½” (Arm Width 20 ½”)
  • Wheels: 2
  • Power Source: 6 Volt rechargeable battery (12V charger and 6V battery included)
  • 2 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weight: 81.25 lbs.


Instructions for Use:

Please note: These instructions are not intended to be used as a replacement for the instructions outlined in the manual accompanying this unit. For optimal results, please read and follow all instructions outlined within the user manual.


  • Do not transport this scale with a patient in the chair.  
  • This scale should not be used in place of a wheelchair to transport patients.
  • For optimal results, use this scale on a flat, stable surface.
  • Follow all instructions outlined within the product manual.
  • Do not use in the presence of flammable materials.
  • Only operating using the recommended 6 voltages or the unit could get damaged.
  • Do not leave patient unattended while using this chair scale.


Basic instructions for weighing a patient:

  1. Verify that the scale is on a hard, level surface
  2. Check to make sure there isn’t anything on the chair.
  3. Turn the scale on by pressing the ON/OFF button once.
  4. Wait until the display screen reads “0.0” and the arrows above ZERO and STABLE appear on the display screen.
  5. Adjust the moveable armrests and footrests to allow the patient easy access to the chair
  6. Guide the patient onto the chair
  7. The scale will display the patients weight with the word stable and an arrow over it
  8. To change the unit of measurement, press and hold the the Kg/Lb button for 3 seconds.
  9. Record the measurement and then return the scale to 0 by pressing the RELEASE button once.
  10. Carefully guide the patient off the scale.


Manufacturer: Health o meter Professional

Product number: 594KL

UPC: 892076002688


Looking for a convenient means of accurately weighing stationary patients? Try using a chair scale with moveable arms and footrests that won’t cause undue stress for patients. Browse through our easy to navigate website and place your order today. Should you have any questions, or if you would like further assistance, give us a call at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists.

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