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Digital Laser-Type Contact / Photo Tachometer


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Digital Laser-Type Contact / Photo Tachometer is ideal for measuring RPM’s at a safe distance and accurate distance. It can measure up to 19,999 RMP’s in contact mode and up to 99,999 RPM’s in photo mode.


  • - Read time 1 second  
  • - Up to 99,999 RPM  
  • - Within 1 RPM or 0.05%
  • - You know your devices speed and efficiency
  • - Uses a precision quartz crystal for accurate time  
  • - Comes fully calibrated and tested  

Ideal Uses:

  • - Engines  
  • - Centrifuges   
  • - Stirrers

Instructions for use:

Point in the direction where you want to read, press the button, and get results instantly.

 Manufacturer: Thermco

  Product #  ACCDCT801


Get accuracy and reliability with the Thermco Digital Contact/Photo Tachometer. Dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with a medical supply agent to order one today. 

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