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Digital Pediatric Tray Scale with Built-In Measuring Tape

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The Digital Pediatric Tray Scalehas been designed using advanced technology that is able to obtain accurate weight measurements, even while the patient is moving, by compensating for the movements. Unlike many other tray scales, this scale is accompanied by a tape measure to help determine the length of the baby (up to 24”) as well as their weight. Depending on your preference, the tape measure can be attached to the side or bottom of the weighing tray. This scale also has the capability of being connected to electronic devices to transfer the data to electronic medical records, which helps ensure that the measurements are recorded accurately. 

Digital Pediatric Tray Scale Features:

  1. Functions: LB / KG Conversion, LB / KG Lock Out, Zero Out / Tare, Hold / Release, Auto Zero, Auto Off
  2. EMR connectivity via USB
  3. Motion detection technology
  4. Measuring tape included
  5. Plastic tray
  6. Easy-to-clean
  7. Sold by: the each


Outstanding Benefits of this scale:

  1. This scale has the capability of connecting with other electronic devices (via USB cable), which helps reduce potential medical errors that result from incorrectly copying and recording weight data.
  2. This scale also utilizes motion detection technology to compensate for any movement the baby may make while on the scale
  3. This scale also comes with a measuring tape



  1. Capacity: 44 lbs. / 20 kg
  2. Resolution: 0.5 oz / 10 g
  3. Measuring Tape: 0” - 24” / 0 cm - 58 cm
  4. Display: 1" LCD
  5. Power Source: 6 AA batteries included
  6. Connectivity: USB
  7. Tray Dimensions: 25” x 12¾” / 63.5 cm x 32.4 cm
  8. Scale Dimensions: 5” x 16¼” x 3¾” / 63.5 cm x 41.3 cm x 9.5 cm
  9. 2 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  10. Weight: 12 lbs.


Instructions for Use:

Please note that these instructions are not intended to be used as a substitute for the instructions outlined in the manual accompanying this unit. For optimal results, please read and follow all instructions outlined in the user manual.

Please note that this scale should not be used in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixtures with air nor oxygen or nitrous oxide.

Weighing a Patient:

This scale enables the weight of objects, such as a wheelchair or walker, to be subtracted from the total weight to determine the actual weight of a patient without all the hardships placed on the patient and operator of the scale by eliminating the cumbersome needs of removing the patient from their wheelchair for the weighing process.

This scale has the capability of automatically calculate the actual weight by using the Tare Function, or the tare weight can manually be entered using the keypad. Please follow all instructions for using the Tare Function, which are outlined in detail within the product manual accompanying this unit.

Tare Function:

Using the Tare Function is a convenient means of subtracting the weight of objects (such as a diaper, blanket, or bottle) from the total weight of the baby plus the object, but without disturbing the baby or interfering with the accuracy of readings.

Please note: If the scale is empty and still doesn’t read 0, press the ZERO/CLEAR button once to return the scale to 0.

  1. Place the item you want to tare on the scale’s tray
  2. Press and release the ZERO/CLEAR button to change the weight to 0
  3. Place the baby on the scale with the tare item and weigh normally
  4. The scale will automatically display the baby’s actual weight


Basic instructions for weighing a patient:

  1. Plug the unit into a wall socket or insert 6 AA batteries into the battery compartment
  2. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface (such as a table or countertop)
  3. Check to make sure there isn’t anything on the weighing platform.
  4. Turn the scale on by pressing the ON/OFF button once.
  5. Wait until the display screen reads “0:0.0”.
  6. To change the unit of measurement, press the Kg/Lb button.
  7. Carefully place the baby on the scale with its weight evenly distributed over the tray.
  8. The scale will calculate the baby’s weight, which will be displayed on the screen with a small ring and the word hold (if the screen reads OVER, the weight is greater than the scales limit of 44 lbs).
  9. Carefully remove the baby from the scale.
  10. Record the measurement and then return the scale to 0 by pressing the RELEASE button once.


EMR Connectivity

Additionally, this scale also has the capability of connecting with other electronic devices, which provides enhanced reliability and accuracy of recording weight measurements and helps reduce the potential of medical errors related to incorrectly recording weight measurements. For more information on the EMR connectivity of this scale and instructions outlining how to use the EMR connectivity feature, please refer to the product manual or contact Health o meter® Professional Technical Support at 800-638-372.

Manufacturer: Health o meter Professional

Product number: 553KL

UPC: 892076002329


When it comes to pediatric scales, choose safety, accuracy, and reliability by choosing this tray scale, which also comes with a measuring tape so that height and weight measurements can be obtained simultaneously. Order yours today by shopping our conveniently easy to use website or by calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to place an order by phone and speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Specialists.

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