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Donjoy IROM Elbow Brace

DJO 11-0181-2-13066

$ 149.00 $ 185.95

Donjoy’s IROM Elbow Brace is ideal for treating the elbow after injury and is a great alternative to serial casting. It offers easily-adjustable fixed or controlled range of motion settings for the elbow and wrist, and the straps that encircle the arm provide you with the utmost support and comfort.



  1. Designed to treat stable supracondylar fractures, stable radial fractures, and lateral/medial epicondylitis
  2. 10° increment settings (0° - 120°)
  3. Controlled flexion and extension
  4. Straps provide full cifrcumferential compression
  5. Allows for supination and pronation of forearm and wrist
  6. Washable liners


The IROM Elbow stabilizer gives you complete control over your elbow as it heals. The liners are machine washable and the product itself is a low-cost, more convenient alternative to a series casting procedures.


Sizes Available: Small and Large

(measurement taken wrist to elbow crease)

Small - Donjoy Irom Elbow Stabilizer  less than 8"
Large - Donjoy Irom Elbow Stabilizer  greater than 8"

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