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Donjoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace

DJO 11-0110-9-13136

$ 619.00 $ 698.00

Donjoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace is intended to immobilize the shoulder following various repairs and procedures. This product is very user-friendly and gives you complete control over your shoulder and elbow positioning. For use after rotator cuff repairs, Bankhart procedures, post-manipulation and shoulder fusions.



  1. No auxiliary hardware
  2. Easy to adjust
  3. Abduction/adduction range-of-motion hinge
  4. Flexion/extension range-of-motion hinge
  5. Elbow range-of-motion hinge



The Quadrant Shoulder Brace will stabilize your shoulder joint where you need it to in order for your shoulder to heal properly. It is simple, fully adjustable and customizable to suit your individual needs.

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