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GC America Dry Mouth Gel

GC 002526-L

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GC America Oral Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of dry mouth. Flavored dry mouth oral gel is great for patients suffering from impaired saliva production due to medications, radiation/chemotherapy treatments, or diseases that can damage salivary glands. This oral gel has a neutral pH, pleasant taste, and is both sugar and alcohol free. 

Did you know that dry mouth can affect everyone? It's true. Not only can medications, medical treatment, and disease affect your saliva production, but inadequate water intake, dehydration due to physical activity, mouth breathing, and dehydration from high intakes of caffeine or alcohol can also cause dry mouth.

GC America, a leader in oral and dental health products such as MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, has developed a great-tasting oral gel that will relieve dry mouth so that you can feel comfortable again. This gel is long lasting, can easily be applied at any time, and can be used multiple times throughout the day, as needed. Simply place a generous amount of GC dry mouth gel onto your finger or tongue, and smear over the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth and oral tissues.

For instant, lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms, use GC Dry Mouth Gel.


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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Product - Dry Mouth Gel

My wife has serious dry mouth issues after oral radiation treatment. This product is a godsend for her.

Works sometimes

It's give and take on working. Some night it works, some nights not.

Review of GC America Dry Mouth Gel

Have been using GC America Dry Mouth Gel Mint flavor for the past 2 years, it's an acceptable substitute for for Orajel. Tried the other GC flavors but too sweet. Preferred Orajel mfg'd by Church & Dwight Inc but they stopped making it for some unknown reason. If Orajel can be found again please let us know. Price & Delivery but the shipping costs rather high. Will keep ordering from Mountainside as long as the price is better than others. Jean

Dry mouth

Just started using the gel. It seems to help during the night. I will see what the hygienist thinks in about 3 months


GC America Dry Mouth Gel

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