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Suction Canister 800 cc Capcity, Hi Flow with Float Valve Shutoff

by Dynarex
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SKU 32200

Dynarex Resp-02™ Disposable Suction Canisters are designed to safely and effectively collect and contain aspirated secretions from patients in medical settings. The canisters feature an ultrasonically welded shut-off valve to help prevent overflow and cross-contamination. These versatile canisters are adaptable for use with floor, cabinet, or wall-mounted units. Each disposable, single-use cannister comes with a convenient lid equipped with a pour spout, vacuum, and patient port.

A suction canister is a medical device used to collect and store fluids and other materials that have been suctioned out of a patient. It is connected to a suction machine or vacuum system to create negative pressure and remove substances such as blood, mucus, or secretions from the body during medical procedures.

The canister typically has a lid, a vacuum port to connect to the suction machine, and a disposal port for emptying the contents. Some types may also have filters to trap particles and prevent them from entering the suction machine.

Suction canisters may come in different sizes and designs, depending on the specific use and application. They are disposable and are replaced after each use to maintain a sterile environment and prevent cross-contamination.

A suction canister with a capacity of 800 cc typically refers to a medical device used for collecting bodily fluids and surgical waste during and after surgical procedures. The canister is attached to a suction machine and includes a float valve shutoff mechanism to prevent fluid overflow and protect against contamination. It is designed to allow for high flow of fluids and typically has a larger capacity than standard suction canisters.

Dynarex 800cc Hi Flow Suction Canister is a durable clear and plastic canister system with lid. Designed for high flow suction machine, pumps and other suction devices. Made to collect and retain aspirated fluid materials. Self-sealing filter increases flow and preventing back flow to suction machine system.

  • High flow collection
  • Disposable, single-use
  • Pre-assembled lid
  • Anti-flow back filter
  • Manufacture: Dynarex
  • Product number: 32200
  • Size: 800 cc
    Color: Clear canister with red lid

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Customer Reviews

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Kirt M. (Calabash, North Carolina, United States)
Fantastic Machine

After my wife's surgery she has had difficulty swallowing and was choking on her saliva. A very well respected Dr. prescribed medication too help dry up the saliva, yet came with significant side effects. She was very sick the next day and discontinued immediately. I then thought of sitting in a dentist chair and thinking of them using a suction tube to remove saliva and had an 'aha' moment! Thought, why couldn't this work for her? Went online, found Mountainside Medical and ordered this machine. Wallah! She uses it several times a day and no longer has ANY choking spells or the very scary breathing episodes. 2 was delivered in about 3 days and was several hundred dollars less than a local medical supply store. It is definitely a LIFE CHANGING piece of equipment and will look to MM for any further medical supply needs.THANK YOU!!!