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Dynarex Urine Leg Bag 600 ml


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Dynarex Urine Leg Bag 600 ml is a urine collection device used to collect urine from the bladder that adapts to any standard foley catheter. The Dynarex Leg Bag has an anti-reflux valve and a sterile fluid pathway which helps prevent urinary tract infections. The material is latex free and can hold up to 600 milliliters of urine.

    • Holds up to 600 ml of urine. Twist valve for quick emptying
    • Anti-reflux Valve that reduces risk of back flow, which reduces the chances of Urinary infection
    • Latex Free Material for people with sensitivity to plastic rubber allergies
    • Adjustable Leg Straps attached that secure bag to your leg.
    • Sterile Fluid Pathway
    • Can be used with any Foley Catheter or extension tubing connector

    What is a Leg Bag

    A urine drainage bag attached to the leg gives a catheterized patient greater mobility, Because the leg bags usually worn during the day and replaced at night with a drainage bag.

    Cost effective leg bag for daily use. Sterility of the leg bag's fluid pathway is guaranteed by Dyanrex Corporation.

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