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Urine Leg Bag 600 mL by Dynarex

by Dynarex
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A Urine Leg Bag is a type of medical device used to collect and store urine from a patient's bladder. It is typically used in cases where the patient is unable to empty their bladder on their own, such as those with disabilities, spinal cord injuries, or following surgery. The leg bag is worn directly on the leg, usually with straps or a band, and connects to a catheter or tube that leads to the bladder. It allows for easy and discreet urine disposal and can be emptied and cleaned as needed.

A urine leg bag is used to collect urine from individuals who may not be able to fully control their bladder function.

Urine leg bag is typically worn on the thigh or calf and connected to an indwelling catheter or condom catheter through a tube. The bag can hold a large volume of urine, allowing the individual to go about their daily activities without the need for constant bathroom breaks.

Urine leg bags are commonly used by individuals with medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, urinary incontinence, and urinary retention. They provide a discreet and convenient way to manage urine output and can be easily emptied and cleaned when needed.
  • Holds up to 600 ml of urine. Twist valve for quick emptying
  • Anti-reflux Valve that reduces risk of back flow, which reduces the chances of Urinary infection
  • Latex Free Material for people with sensitivity to plastic rubber allergies
  • Adjustable Leg Straps attached that secure bag to your leg.
  • Sterile Fluid Pathway
  • Can be used with any Foley Catheter or extension tubing connector

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