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EntriStar Skin Level Gastrostomy Kit


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The Entristar Skin Level Gastrostomy Kit is a skin level gastrostomy system used for insertion and removal in a gastrostomy site. Made with a unique internal retention bolster that is ideal for long term use, the Entristar kit is specially designed to allow maximum air and moisture circulation for a healthy stoma site and prevents fluid leakage. Made with thermal sensitive materials and a thinner wall construction for superior flow and decompression rates, this GI kit softens as it is warmed to body temperate, yet still retains its strength. It has a thinner wall construction for better flow/decompression rates and fewer tube complications.


Entristar Gastrostomy Kit Features:

  • Sturdy obturator and reinforced tip of internal retention bolster increase safety and reduces patient trauma during insertion.
  • GripStar simplifies insertion and removel of skin level device and ensures proper placement.
  • Proximal anti-reflux valve for decompression tubes
  • Biocompatible polyurethane construction is designed to withstand the harsh gastric environment and increase flow rates.
  • Proper fit: Eight tube lengths ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 centimetres are available to accommodate, weight, gain and growth.


How can my patient benefit from the “raised feet” gastrostomy kit design?

One of the unique properties of the Entristar gastrostomy kit by Kendall, is its design. It is specially made to help keep your patient’s stoma site clean, clear and free of infection. It does this by minimalizing contact between the gastrostomy equipment and the skin, allowing air to freely circulate and throughout the site in order to prevent skin irritation and possible breakdown. Provide your patient with the best in GI care with the Entristar.


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