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Excel Gel Hydrogel Dressing 3 oz tube

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MPM Excel-Gel Hydrogel Dressing will provide you with moisturizing wound protection. This hydrogel is non-toxic, does not injure healthy tissue, contains soothing Aloe Vera and Glycerin, allows you to easily see and monitor the wound, and provides your wound with a moist wound environment that is conducive to healing.

Excel-Gel Features:

  • Maintains moist wound environment
  • Allows visualization of the wound
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-injurious to healthy tissue
  • Aloe Vera and glycerin


  • Pressure ulcers:  Stages I - IV
  • First- and second-degree burns
  • Leg ulcers

Excel-Gel not only moisturizes, but works to soothe and heal irritated wound tissue. This wound gel is great for pressure ulcers in stages I – IV, leg ulcers and first- and second-degree burns. The Aloe Vera and Glycerin moisturize the wound. This hydrogel is clear, so that you can easily monitor the wound underneath the dressing and non-toxic so that it will not harm newly forming tissue and bacteria that is aiding in the healing process. For a wound hydrogel that soothes and moistens your patinets’ wound, choose MPM’s Excel-Gel.



Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional

  1. Apply Excel-Gel directly to the wound bed at ¼” thickness
  2. Cover with secondary cover

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