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Excilon Nonwoven All Purpose Sponges


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Excilon All-Purpose Sponges are a nonwoven gauze sponge wound dressing that quickly wick away fluid from the wound site with it's highly absorbent tri-laminate structure. Excilon Sponges are made with a tri-laminate (polyester-rayon-polyester) structure that eliminates trauma caused by rayon when it comes in contact with the tissue. Premium 6-ply thick gauze provides better absorbency for a dryer wound site, so that the risk of infection and the frequency of dressing changes are low.


How can a non-woven, moisture-wicking dressing help my patients?

A Gauze pad is typically better at keeping a wound dry are those made with non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics have a higher density which allows them to have higher absorbency properties. These fabrics have the ability to quickly “wick-away” moisture and keep the wound dry. They also are designed to not stick to the wound, which will make them easier to remove. Keeping a wound dry and protected, also keeps it cleaner which lowers the risk of infection - for both your patient and yourself - and the wound will heal faster. Also, a dressing that can effectively do all of this, like the Excilon Gauze Sponges, will require fewer changes and save your facility in time and money on gauze sponges.


Dressing Sponge Features:

  • Premium 6-ply thickness
  • Non-woven, fast-wicking fabric
  • Tri-laminate polyester/rayon material
  • Unique diamond patterned material
  • Sterile
  • 3” x 4”
  • 2 sponges per packet
  • 50 per Tray

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