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Fluid Solidifier for Infectious Biohazardous Fluids, Bottle 16 oz

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SKU 547-16000
As the name suggests, a Fluid Solidifier for Infectious Biohazardous Fluids works by turning liquids into solids. This is a vital process when it comes to dealing with infectious biohazardous fluids. By solidifying these fluids, it becomes much easier to handle and dispose of them in a safe and secure manner.


  • Provides fast and complete infectious waste fluid containment by quickly solidifying biohazardous fluids in suction canisters, emesis basins, liners and bags, kick buckets, bed pans, and spills
  • Spout-cap bottle design featuring printed graduation marks in 1-ounce increments and fitted tip cover to allow precise measurements, easy application, and secure storage
  • Comprised of fast-acting superabsorbent polymers to provide effective way to solidify and deodorize potentially infectious blood and bodily fluids
  • Gels up to 16,000 cc
  • Contains 16.93 ounces (480 g) of liquid medical waste solidification product
  • Eliminates the need to transport biohazardous fluids in liquid form and the associated risks such as spilling, splashing, and aerosolization
  • Helps comply with Department of Transportation regulations for the proper transport of liquid medical waste
  • Promotes compliance with OSHA 1910.1031
  • Reduces exposure to infectious waste
  • Protects healthcare workers and promotes workplace safety by minimizing risks of cross-contamination of infectious waste to medical staff
  • Chlorine-free formula
  • Ideal for use in the operating room setting where the majority of suction canister waste is collected

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