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Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial (Glucagon for Injection) (Rx)

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The Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial is an essential tool for managing sugar levels in diabetes patients, providing a fast and efficient way to raise low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia in emergency situations. By rapidly converting glycogen stores in the liver into glucose, the Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial effectively raises blood sugar levels. Becuase of this, individuals with diabetes should keep a Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial in their home or at school. The Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial should be refrigerated and should also be given with a protein source such as peanut butter to create an optimal response from the Glucagon Emergency Kit. When administered correctly, the Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial can quickly and effectively restore sugar levels in the event of a diabetic emergency. If given too late, or in the wrong dosage, the Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial may not be effective, so it is important to have a Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial on hand and to make sure that anyone who might administer it is properly trained to do so. Having a Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial available in an emergency can mean life or death for those with diabetes, which is why it should never be neglected.

Benefits for Fresenius Kabi  Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial

  • Rapid-acting formula for emergency use: The Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit was designed to help restore normal blood sugar levels in times of emergency and comes with a rapid-acting formula to ensure a quick, efficient response.
  • Easy-to-use packaging: The kit comes in handy, pre-packaged components, making it easy and convenient to use in an emergency setting.
  • Quick preparation: The kit requires minimal preparation for use and can be administered in less than two minutes.
  • Comprehensive instructions and slots for personal details: The instructions provide clear, step-by-step guidance for administering the medicine. They also have slots for personal details such as patient’s name, birthday, and other important information.
  • Compatible for adults and children: The medicine is safe for both adults and children, allowing it to be used for a wide variety of emergency scenarios.
  • Safe and easy to use: The glucagon is safe to use and the instructions are straightforward and easy to understand.

Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial  is a medication used in the event of a severe hypoglycemic attack or coma. It is an alternative to oral sugar intake and is utilized for those who have trouble consuming sugar due to vomiting or unconsciousness. The Glucagon Emergency Kit contains a prescription-ready vial prepared for use when necessary. It contains an appropriate dosage of sterile powder, a sterile water diluent ready for reconstitution, and an administration syringe. The appropriate dosage and amount of sterility solution should always be employed, as mixing it inconsistent quantum with other medications and powders can compromise the effects and administration. Presently, the Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial is recognized by healthcare professionals as an effective means to Convert hypaccompaniment sugar based complications.

Instructions on How to Use Glucagon Emergency Kit
1. Read all instructions and warning labels before using this product.
2. Store the Fresenius Kabi Glucagon Emergency Kit 1 mg Per Vial at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat.
3. Access the kit with adult help if you are less than 18 years old.
4. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to identify the different components.
5. Before using each component, inspect for signs of damage or tampering. Do not use if damaged.
6. Wash your hands thoroughly before you start.
7. Prepare the syringe as directed in the kit.
8. Inject the contents of the vial into the syringe, as instructed.
9. Attach the needle to the syringe and inject the glucagon intramuscularly, as instructed.
10. Check the injection site regularly for any signs of infection or inflammation.
11. Dispose of all used supplies in a safe manner.
12. Clean and store the kit when you are finished using it.

Fresenius Glucagon Emergency Kit Human Recombinant 1 mg Per Vial is a Glucagon Emergency Kit for Low Blood Sugar (Glucagon for Injection) contains: 1 mg glucagon for injection (as a sterile, lyophilized white to off-white powder) in a single-dose vial and 1 mL of diluent for glucagon in a prefilled syringe.

NDC: 63323-0582-82
UPC: 203633-23582825
Strength: 1 mg per Vial
Count: 1 each
Type: Human Recombinant

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