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Geri-Arm Sleeves Skin Protectors (Geri Sleeves)

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Geri-Arm Sleeves are comfortable and sturdy skin protectors made by Glen Arm that help restrain resident movement to protect them from harmful potential harm such as falls or possible bed sharing incidents.

Benefits for Geri-Sleeves Arm Protectors

  • Provides superior protection from bruising and abrasions for a person’s forearms and elbows.
  • immense help for individuals dealing with limited range of motion and pain, as the compressions can help reduce inflammation on the affected areas
  • breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps the skin dry and comfortable
  • a simple to use design that can be put on and take off with relative ease, making it an ideal option for all day wear.
  • The unique design also provides muscle stability for extra support and reducing the risk of falling.
  • The adjustable straps allows for a snug fit on larger and smaller body types.
  • Provides medicare reimbursement code (L-9276) for wrist protective garments to those who meet specific criteria.
  • The tactile-sensitive material gives immediate feedback and adjustable tightness for those with sensitive skin.


    • Made of polyester, cotton and nylon spandex
    • Knitted tubular design with thumb hole
    • Color-coded sizing strip
    • Wash and reuse style

      Available Sizes

      Model Number Size               Band Color  Measurement
      GL899               Small/Medium Yellow          18"- 20"L x 3 1/4"W
      GL900               Large/X-Large Blue              18"- 20"L x 3 1/2"W

      Application Instructions:
      1. Starting with the top of the arm opening, gather the Glen-Sleeve® until you reach the thumb opening
      2. Pull the Glen-Sleeve® over the patient's hand, sliding fingers through the finger opening and thumb through the thumb opening
      3. Gradually unroll the remaining sleeve up over the arm
      4. Adjust to ensure a smooth, comfortable fit

      Washing Instructions:
      Machine wash in lukewarm water; tumble dry low, hang dry for best results

      Derma Sciences Glen-Sleeves, Arm Protectors offer breathable protection for fragile skin types. They conform to the body, are easy to apply and can be machine washed for hygienic reuse..

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