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Gomco 6050 Thoracic Drainage Aspirator

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Gomco 6050 Thoracic Drainage Aspirator is a high performance mobile aspirator designed to be used for emergency thoracic drainage within hospital settings. This easy to store and transport aspirator produces up to -50 cm H2) of vacuum pressure with a 110 lpm flow rate at open flow and has two drainage tubes to simultaneously remove fluid and air. It also has water seal in the collection bottle to prevent aspirated air from re-entering the chest. This high performance aspirator has a flat stainless steel top, storage for the 6’ electrical cord, and comes with 2 packages of disposable suction tubing.


Gomco 6050 Aspirator Features:

    • Restores vacuum to the pleural cavity in emergency situations
    • Simultaneously removes fluid and air using two drainage tubes
    • Prevents aspirated air from re-entering the chest with a water seal in the collection bottle
    • Compact design
    • Easy to store and transport
    • Flat stainless steel top
    • Storage for 6' electrical cord with hospital-grade plug



      What's Included with the Gomco 3910 & 3940 Surgical Aspirators:



      Thoracic Drainage Aspirator Specifications:

      1. Vacuum Range: 0 to -50 cm H2O (0 to -36.8 mm Hg)
      2. Flow Rate: 110 lpm at open flow
      3. Sound Level: Less than 64 dBA
      4. Pump Type: Turbine
      5. Electrical Cord: 6' hospital grade
      6. Dimensions: 18" W  x 17" D x 33" H (46 x 43 x 84 cm)
      7. Weight: 71 lbs. (32 kg)
      8. UL/ETL Listed: Yes
      9. Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year
      10. Regulatory Approvals: FDA, HC


      Product #


      Poly Bottle


      115V/50-60 Hz

      2 – 2800 ml


      Manufacturer:  Allied Healthcare Products Inc.


      When an emergency situation arises that requires vacuum to quickly be restored to the pleural cavity, use an aspirator with two drainage tubes and the capability of simultaneously removing fluids and air. Order yours today and breathe a little easier knowing you’ll be prepared when an emergency strikes. Shop our convenient and easy to use online store or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Professionals and place an order by phone.

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