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Skil-Care Heels-Off


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Heels-Off by Skilcare improves lower extremity circulation, which helps in the prevention of pressure ulcers and facilitates healing. The Heels-Off keeps elevates feet completely off the bed for total pressure relief, aids existing ulcers, and helps decrease leg and lower back pain. It is made with convoluted foam that comfortably conforms to your legs and is covered with a wipe-clean, low shear cover that helps reduce skin damaging friction.


Heels-Off Features:

  • Off-loads both heels
  • Prevents formation of pressure sores
  • Aids healing existing ulcers
  • Reduces leg and lower back pain
  • Helps relax spine
  • Surface contours position and stabilize legs
  • Cover reduces damaging friction
  • Wipes clean for easy care

Brand: Skil-Care Corporation

Dimensions: 24" x 16" x 7" x 5 1/2"

Product Number: 50315


The Heels-Off can be easily installed by placing the higher end of the device below the patient's knees and suspending the heels. When soiled, the low-shear cover is simply wiped clean with a spray and wipe cleanser. For best results when cleaning and disinfecting, avoid harsh detergents and bleach based chemicals.

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