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Hemoccult ICT Patient Collection Screening Kit 40/Box

$ 118.00
SKU 395066A

Hemoccult ICT Patient Collection Screening Kit by Beckman Coulter is designed to test for abnormal fecal occult blood in order to detect GI disorders such as polyps, and cancer. Each patient screening kit includes 3 single collection devices, 3 sample sticks, 3 collection tissues, 1 barrier mailing envelope, physician instructions and patient instructions.


Hemoccult ICT Kit Features:

  •  High sensitivity and specificity
  • No dietary or drug restrictions
  • Clearly readable results
  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • CLIA waived
  • 40 Patient Screening Kits per box
  • Sold by the box


Kit Includes:

  •  3 Single collection devices
  • 3 Sample sticks
  • 3 Collection tissues
  • 1 Barrier mailing envelope
  • Physician instructions
  • Patient instructions


Uses: Immunochemical fecal occult blood testing (iFOBT) for gastrointestinal disorders.



  •  Specific to human blood
  • Not affected by dietary or medicinal interferences
  • Fewer false positives compared to traditional guaiac-based FOBTs


Brand:  Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer No. 62200


Hemocult ICT patient screening tests are so accurate because they were designed to be highly sensitive and specific to human blood. They are easy for the patient to use, and when developer is placed on the slides it produces a bright blue hue – clearer than most standard FOBTs – for clearly readable results for the physician each and every time.

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