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Hemoccult ICT Sample Collection Cards - 100 Tests

$ 65.00
SKU 395065A

Hemoccult ICT Sample Collection Cards by Beckman Coulter is designed to provide you with the supplies you need to test your patients for various gastrointestinal disorders. Each kit includes, 100 Single Collection Cards, 100 Applicator Sticks, Physician Instructions, and Sample Collection Instructions.


Hemoccult ICT Features:

  •  Specific to human blood
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • No dietary or drug restrictions
  • Clear, readable results
  • Safe, non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • CLIA waived


Kit Includes:

  •  (100) Single Collection Cards
  • (100) Applicator Sticks
  • (1) Physician Instructions
  • (1) Sample Collection Instructions


 Uses: Fecal occult blood testing for gastrointestinal disorders.




  • The most effective FOBT on the market today.
  • Not affected by dietary or medicinal interferences.
  • Fewer false positives compared to traditional guaiac-based FOBTs (gFOBT).


What is Hemoccult ICT?


  • This product is an immunochemical FOBT (iFOBT)
  • It is specific to whole human hemoglobin and lower GI bleeding


What makes Hemoccult ICT so unique is that it is specific to lower GI tract bleeding and human blood. This FOBT is unaffected by dietary or medicinal interferences and quickly produces highly accurate results that are clear, and easy to read. Because this system is specific to human hemoglobin, and is so easy to read, it produces less false positives and reduces human error making it one of the most accurate occult blood testing systems on the market today.


Brand:  Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer No. 395065A

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