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Iodosorb Cadexomer Iodine Gel, 10 grams

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Fights off infection and absorb extra wound fluid while maintaining a moist wound healing environment. Every gram of cadexomer can absorb up to approximately 6mL of fluid. Iodosorb contains 0.9% of iodine, which is slowly released as the beads of cadexomer absorb fluid. This process happens for up to 72 hours (depending on the amount of exudate) once iodosorb gel is in the wound.

Iodosorb Wound Gel by Smith and Nephew is an antimicrobial gel with cadexomer iodine that cleanses the wound by absorbing fluid, pus, exudate, bacteria, enzymes, and cellular residue from the wound. Iodosorb has a unique release formulation fights infections by reducing the bacterial load through a time-released antimicrobial. Iodosorb delivers sustained, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity for up to 72 hours. The 0.9% concentration of iodine reduces bacterial burden, yet does not damage healthy cells. Iodosorb gel is ideal for wet, sloghy wounds and promoting an optimal moist wound environment for rapid natural healing, the gel does not adhere to the wound bed. Iodosorb Wound Gel is used on draining wounds, such as pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and infected traumatic and surgical wounds.

Manufacturer # 6602124014
Brand Iodosorb
Manufacturer Smith & Nephew
Application Wound Care Antimicrobial Gel
Material Cadexomer Iodine
UNSPSC Code 51102722


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