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Irrigation Tray with Iodopher PVP Prep Pad 67803


$ 3.59 $ 4.95

The Kendall 67803 Irrigation Tray is a sterile irrigation tray with a 60cc bulb syringe, 1200cc tray, an Iodophor PVP prep pad and is CSR wrapped.


Irrigation Tray Features:

  • 60cc Bulb syringe
  • 1200cc Tray
  • Iodophor PVP Prep pad
  • CSR wrapped
  • Sterile
  • Sold by:  Each


How are Iodophor prep pads useful in wound irrigation kits?

Iodophor pre pads are saturated with an iodine solution to help keep an area of the skin antiseptic. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and infection. These prep pads can be especially helpful in wound care procedures or to cleanse the skin prior to a minimally invasive procedure. The irrigation tray shown above will help you take care of your patient quickly and more efficiently. Your supplies will be in one sterile package, which makes them easy to fine, and easy to reorder – which will not only save you valuable storage space, but also in valuable patient care time.

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