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Leg Bag Extension Tubing - Bard

$ 3.49
SKU 150615

The Bard Leg bag extension tubing offers added length to any collection urinary leg bag. This flexible, reusable tubing adds an extra 18 inches of length. The urine bag connector is included with the tube and everything is latex free to prevent allergies and skin irritations. For enhanced safety and comfort, use a non-sterile urine leg bag tube.

Bard 150615 Leg Bag Tubing Features:

  • Extra 18 inch of length
  • Connector included
  • Reusable
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex free
  • Sold by: Each

Manufacturer: Bard Medical

Product Number: 150615

Leg bag extension tubing, manufactured by Bard Medical, provides enhanced patient comfort and support. It seamlessly connects to an existing leg bag, while allowing urine to continuously drain through, providing a longer bag tube length for safer, more comfortable use.

Bard non-sterile extension tubing is reusable for lasting wear, which makes this a very economical, durable product. Sometimes the tube included with a urine collection bag by not be long enought to fit every patient. This tubing attachment allows you to accommodate a wider variety of patients without having to purchase an all new leg bag.

Bard Medical, a leader in medical equipment and urological supplies, has many specially designed products that ensure the safety of your patients. Many of which, including leg bags and extension tubing, are latex free to reduce the risk of skin allergies and irritations.

Use Bard Medical extension tubing for enhanced patient comfort and safety more tailored to individual patient needs.

Order your leg bag extension tubing through our website, or speak with one of our expert customer service associates for more information today!

Customer Reviews

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Joshua B.

Works great no problems what so ever