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Magnetic Instrument Transfer Drapes


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Magnetic instrument transfer drapes are designed to safely attract and hold surgical instruments for easy hands-free transferring. Great for any operating room, these magnetic drapes are disposable, sterile, and flexible, they conform to any shape, and features powerful raised magnets and a non-slip foam backing for enhanced safety.


Magnetic Drape Features:

  • Raised magnets 
  • Sterile
  • Flexible
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Non-slip foam backing
  • Sold by the case (see options below)



  • 31140570 - 10" x 16"
  • 31140562 - 16" x 20"
**Price may vary depending on size chosen
Kendall Covidien Magnetic Drapes minimize the risk of percutaneous injuries and provide a safe way to transfer instruments in the OR. It is completely sterile, so it won't contaminate your instruments or the field, and flexible enough to conform to any shape for your convenience and easy handling. In addition, kidney-shaped basins and rectangular trays attach easily to the raised magnets on the drapes, as well.

Safety is a top priority in any operating room. Not only is the sterility of the instruments and surfaces you're using important, but basic safety skills need to be used, as well. Instrument transfer drapes allow you to keep your OR organized without contaminating your instruments and surfaces. Plus, it features a non-slip backing to ensure that it won't slip onto the floor, dropping sharp, potentially hazardous instruments, causing injury.

Help ensure operating room safety with Covidien surgical magnetic drapes.

Get your set of magnetic drapes online today! Or speak with one of our excellent customer service associates at 1-888-687-4334 for more information.

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