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MI Paste Plus with Recaldent 40 Gram Tutti Frutti

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MI Paste Plus is designed to help you keep your teeth healthy and vibrant longer. The unique, great tasting formula is specifically designed to reduce oral acid and plaque levels, increase saliva productivity where needed, reduce white spots on teeth, decrease tooth sensitivity, and protect your choppers form the effects of soda and sports drinks.

All MI Paste Plus Products contain Fluoride. If you can not have Fluoride then please choose from the regular MI Paste Products. 


  • Recaldent (CPP-ACP)  and fluoride enhanced formula
  • Strengthens teeth & reduces sensitivity
  • Reduces dry mouth & buffers oral acids
  • Tutti Frutti flavor
  • 40 gram tube

MI Paste Plus Uses:

  • Before/after tooth whitening
  • White spot lesion reduction
  • Desensitizing
  • During and/or after orthodontics
  • Medically compromised patients
  • Salivary deficiency/dry mouth
  • Patients with acidic oral environments
  • Erosion and gastric reflex
  • Patients with poor plaque control
  • High-caries risk patients
  • Providing extra protection for teeth


Note:  Speed and effectiveness depends on the person’s individual situation and usage


How does MI Paste Plus work? This cream actually binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces, plaque and the surrounding soft tissue for 360 degree protection you can see and feel. Not only does it help restore enamel gloss, but it also provides a host of other benefits to those most susceptible to dry mouth, sensitivity and cavities.

In young Children (up to six years of age), use of MI Paste Plus is contra indicted because it may increase the risk of denal fluorosis. Children aged six years and above can use both standard and MI Paste Plus without an increased risk of dental fluorosis. 

Protect your pearly whites with fluoride enhanced MI Paste! Order online or call 1-888-687-4334 for assistance from one of our excellent Medical Supply Professionals today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very happy with the MI Paste Plus.

MI Paste Plus with Recaldent 40 Gram Tutti Frutti

Fast delivery!

Works wonderfully. Will definitely buy again.


Good price, good communication, fast delivery!

Great shipping rate

The products arrived fast.

A fan for years

I have Mi Paste for years now. It has served me well. With sensitive teeth, after about 10 overnight applications, I was feeling no pain. I have severe gum rescission and this was offered by my dentist. With ongoing nightly treatments, the pain stays away. I highly recommend Mi paste.
As for the flavor, tutti frutti is good, strawberry is my favorite however.