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MicroMist Nebulizer Kit with Mouthpiece, Reservoir Tube


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Hudson RCI 1883 Micro Mist Nebulizer kit used to deliver liquid medication for breathing treatments. Each nebulizer kit is latex free and includes a nebulizer cup, mouthpiece, tee connector, reservoir tube, standard connector, and 7 foot long supply tubing.

The Micro Mist Nebulizer provides consistent nebulizer breathing treatments at the right price. Made for single patient use, this latex free for safe use on patients with latex sensitivities, and even works at a 90° angle on patients who are laying down or require special treatment requirements. Use a nebulizer kit that works consistently and efficiently with the Micro Mist nebulizer.


    • Transforms medication into a fine micro mist for easy inhalation and efficient nebulization rates
    • Works at 90° angles
    • 6 cc Capacity Ant-Spill Jar to prevent waste and leakage of medication (its expensive don't waste)
    • Easy to clean, Just wash in wash water with small amout of liquid dish soap. Let air dry.
    • Does not contain any latex proteins (Latex free)

      What's Included with your nebulizer kit:

        • Nebulizer medication cup
        • Mouthpiece (blue corrugated tube)
        • Tee connector
        • Reservoir tube
        • Standard connector
        • 7 foot tubing

          Helpful Tips & Directions for use:

            • 1.  Place prescribed solution into the nebulizer jar
            • 2.  Attach cap to nebulizer jar with a clockwise rotation
            • 3.  Insert the nebulizer into tee
            • 4.  Connect the mouthpiece to the tee. Discard the mouthpiece if not used
            • 5.  Connect the reservoir to the tee. Discard the reservoir if not used
            • 6.  Attach the supply tubing between the gas source or nebulizer machine
            • 7.  Set gas flow to 8 LPM or turn on nebulizer machine. Check for aerosol mist; if necessary, tap the device until it begins to nebulize
            • 8.  During treatment, periodically tap nebulizer to minimize residual volume

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              MicroMist Nebulizer Kit with Mouthpiece, Reservoir Tube


              Took longer to get here bot well packaged and did one breathing on it overall pretty good

              Thank you

              I picked it up already. Thank you. Everything looks great.

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