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NovaMax Plus Blood Ketone Test Strips, 10 Count

$ 31.49
SKU 385480-534932

Nova Max Plus has the most comprehensive features for fast, easy, affordable and accurate home blood ketone monitoring. Nova Max Ketone strips are only to be used with the Nova Max Plus meter. Nova Max Plus incorporates advanced technology for precise self-monitoring of blood ketones for people with diabetes. The blood sample size used for the ketone strip is small at just 0.8 microliters and gives results in 10 seconds. Blood ketone testing is considered more accurate, simple and practical than urine ketone testing.

 Nova Max Blood Ketone Test Strip Box of 10 Features:

  • Requires a small sample of blood -0.8 microliters
  • Quick results in only 10 seconds
  • The blood ketone strip is colored green to differentiate from the blood glucose strip which is colored blue
  • The Nova Max Plus meter screen reads "ket" instead of "glu" when the ketone strip is inserted instead of the glucose strip.
  • There is no code change needed

What are Ketones?

  • Ketones are made from the breakdown of fat used for energy when there is not enough insulin to carry glucose to the cells and organs of the body for fuel.
  • Too many ketones in the body can lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) which is dangerous
  • Symptoms of DKA may include: nausea, vomiting, fruity breath, dry mouth and other signs of dehydration, severe exhaustion and confusion

Why is blood ketone monitoring important?

  • DKA is a life-threatening metabolic complication of diabetes with a mortality rate of 2%-10%
  • DKA is the leading cause of hospitalization, morbidity, and death in children with type 1 diabetes
  • Blood ketone testing can help stop episodes of DKA

When should you test for blood ketones?

  • Blood ketone testing should be performed by those with type 1 diabetes on sick days, during high periods of stress and whenever glucose reading is greater than 250 mg/dL
  • Blood ketones should be tested by those with type 2 diabetes who have high levels of insulin resistance or when recommended by your health care provider
  • Blood ketones should be checked during pregnancy when recommended by your physician

Other Information:

When using a blood ketone strip prick the fingertip only, do not use alternate sites. Keep blood ketone strips in a cool, dry place.

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