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Omeprazole 20 mg Acid Reducer 42 Tablets

by Sunmark
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SKU 652087

Compare to Prilosec - Omeprazole delayed release tablets is a designed to help relieve frequent heartburn. Each box contains three 14-day treatments designed to help reduce heartburn that occurs more than twice per week.

Omeprazole Heartburn Treatment Features

  • Treats frequent heartburn
  • Works withing 1-4 days
  •  20 mg delayed release tablets
  • (3) 14-Day courses of treatment
  • 42 tablets per box

Brand:  Sunmark

Count: 42 each

Similar to Prilosec OTC, Omeprazole Heartburn Treatment by Major Pharmaceuticals is a generic heartburn medication designed to help reduce acid reflux. While this drug is not intended for immediate results, it provides a 14-day course of treatment for more complete management of the problem.

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