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PEG Tube Cleaning Brush


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Bard Medical's PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) Tube Cleaning Brush is a feeding tube cleaning brush that gently cleans formula debris from the inner wall of the tube. Designed for daily or weekly Peg tube cleaning. Made to accommodate 20 French Peg tubes or larger, this brush features a female hub adapter for injecting cleaning solution and a feather mounted tip to minimize the risk of mucosal injury. It is also made with a nylon shaft for easy insertion and removal. 

PEG Tube Cleaning Brush Features:

  • Ideal for daily or weekly cleaning of tubes 20F or larger
  • Female hub adapter allows for injection of cleaning solution
  • Feather mounted tip minimizes risk of mucosal injury
  • Nylon shaft optimizes push ability to facilitate insertion
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How would a PEG Tube cleaning brush benefit my patients?

Patients who require a long term feeding tube that is placed directly into their stomach require frequent care to make sure that their incision is healthy, and the tube is properly functioning. Not only would specialized gauze and a dressing change kit be helpful in efficiently cleaning and caring for the incision, but a PEG brush is helpful in caring for the tube that is nourishing your patient. The tube can be prone to clogs, encrustation around the incision, and even start to break down from prolonged exposure to the gastric juices. As this cleaning brush gently scrubs, it can deliver cleaning solution directly into the tube preventing clogs from forming and keeping your patient’s equipment working properly and free of contaminates that might harm your patient.

Offer enhanced patient care using a PEG Tube Cleaning Brush and order online at a great low price today, or call to speak with a friendly service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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Soon to tell right now

I haven't tried it yet , I'm bringing this to Philippines for my mom , still leaving this Thursday

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