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Smith Medical Protectiv Plus-W Peripheral IV Catheter with Retracting Safety Needle

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Smith Medical Protectiv® Plus-W Peripheral IV Catheter is a cutting-edge medical device designed to ensure patient safety and comfort during intravenous procedures. This advanced IV catheter features a unique Retracting Safety Needle that eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries for healthcare professionals, and prevents accidental needle exposure for patients. This peripheral IV catheter needle is used to insert a small, flexible tube into a patient's vein, allowing for the administration of fluids, medications, or blood products. Thanks to its innovative design and retracting mechanism, the Protectiv Plus-W offers four times higher catheter placement success and significantly reduces the incidence of vein damage, bruising, and infiltration. Its ergonomic design also makes it easy to handle and promotes clinician confidence, making it an essential tool in any medical setting. With the increasing focus on patient safety and preventing healthcare-associated infections, the Peripheral IV Catheter needle has become an integral part of contemporary medical practice and is highly recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide. Its superior performance, combined with its enhanced safety features, makes it a top choice for peripheral IV catheterization, providing patients with effective treatment while minimizing discomfort and risks.

Benefits for Smith Medical Protectiv Plus-W  Peripheral IV Catheter with Retracting Safety Needles:

  • Increased safety: The retracting safety needles of Smith Medical Protectiv Plus-W provide an added layer of protection for both patients and healthcare professionals against needlestick injuries.
  • Reduced risk of infection: The catheter is designed with a smooth, tapered catheter tip to minimize tissue trauma and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Easy insertion: The catheter features a sharp, beveled needle made from high-quality materials for smooth and easy insertion into the vein.
  • Comfort for patients: The tapered catheter tip also ensures minimal discomfort for patients during insertion and throughout the use of the catheter.
  • Improved blood flow: The catheter's advanced design allows for better blood flow and helps prevent occlusion, ensuring the delivery of medication or fluids is not interrupted.
  • Versatility: The Smith Medical Protectiv Plus-W catheter can be used for a wide range of peripheral IV therapy, including blood transfusions, medication administration, and fluids replacement.
  • Compatibility: The catheter is compatible with most IV systems, giving healthcare professionals more flexibility in their treatment options.
  • Cost-effective: The retracting needles eliminate the need for additional safety equipment, making the catheter a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities.
  • Ease of use: The retracting safety needle feature is intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training for healthcare professionals.
  • Reliable: Smith Medical is a trusted and reputable brand in the medical industry, ensuring the quality and reliability of their products.
  • Sterile: The catheter is sterilized and individually packaged, ensuring a safe and hygienic product for patient use.
  • Long-term use: The catheter is designed for extended dwell time and can remain in the vein for up to 72 hours, reducing the need for multiple insertions.
  • Patient mobility: The catheter's small size and flexibility allow patients to move freely without it causing any discomfort or risk of dislodging.
  • Multiple catheter sizes: The Protectiv Plus-W catheter comes in a range of sizes to accommodate different patient needs and procedures.
  • Ease of removal: The catheter's flexible and smooth design makes it easy to remove without causing damage or pain to the patient.

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