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Phillips Liquigel Stool Softener 30/Box


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Stimulant-free and designed to work with your body's natural processes, Phillips Liquigel Stool Softener 30ct gently relieves occasional constipation. These easy-to-swallow liquid soft gels get to work fast to provide cramp-free relief.

Liquigel Stool Softener Features

  1. - Gentle, dependable relief
  2. - Doctor recommended
  3. - Docusate sodium
  4. - Cramp-free relief
  5. - Relieves occasional constipation
  6. - Works with body's natural processes
  7. - Easy-to-swallow liquid gels
  8. - Stool softener

Using Phillips Liquigel Stool Softener:

Take softgels with a full glass of water. Adults and Children 12 and older take 1-3 softgels daily. Children 6-12 years take 1 softgel daily.

Phillips Liquigel Softgel Stool Softener 30ct are easy to swallow, start working rapidly, and provide gentle, natural relief for occasional constipation.

Order Phillips Liquigel Stool Softener 30ct online today or call to speak with a friendly medical supply representative at 888-687-4334!

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