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Pocket Pal II Pocket Organizer Kit

by ADC
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ADC Pocket Pal II pocket organizer kit by ADC is designed to provide you with a better way to keep your most commonly used pocket-sized item organized and more easily accessible to you. This organizer is washable, made of white nylon, has a variety of pockets for easy storage, includes a handy key ring, and Velcro snap closures that come in 6 colors. Plus, Pocket Pal comes with bandage scissors, a 3 color pen, and a disposable penlight to get you started!

Pocket Organizer Features:

  • Washable white nylon organizer
  • 5 slide-in and one covered pocket in front
  • One full-width slide-in pocket in rear
  • Key ring
  • Velcro snap closures – 6 colors available
  • 6 ¼" x 4 ¾" x ¼"

Pocket Pal II Includes:

  • Pocket Pal II (#216)
  • 5 ½" Lister Bandage Scissors (#301)
  • 3 color pen (#392)
  • Adlite Disposable Penlight (#356W)

Brand:  ADC
Product Number:  116


ADC has many products that are designed to make your life as a medical professional easier and more efficient, and Pocket Pal is no exception. Utilizing your pockets is a great way to keep the supplies you most often need on hand when you need them. The problem is that they can often become bottomless. Keep your penlights and scissors secure, and easily found in your pocket at all times with the Pocket Pall II pocket organizer.

The ADC's Pocket Pal offers the convenience and safety of keeping medical supplies on your person, and supplies you with some commonly pocketed items. It includes ADC's 5 ½" lister bandage scissors, and the Adlite disposable penlight, a key ring to keep your keys, and a tri-color pen - so that the right color pen will always be at your fingertips. For superior organization, choose the ADC Pocket Pal II.

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