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Precision Sterile Specimen Container Wide Mouth 5 oz (200/case)


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Covidien (Kendall) Precision Premium Sterile Specimen Containers provide you with a secure leak-resistant container for specimen samples. Made with a clear plastic material for easy observation and measurement of its contents, this graduated container provides an easy-to-read “positive seal” to ensure that the container is securely sealed to minimize the chance of leakage during transportation of the specimen.

A leak-proof and tamper-proof specimen collection cup.

A specimen collection container allows healthcare professionals to safely contain and transport specimen samples from their patients for testing. This premium sterile specimen container has been designed specifically with safety in mind. It ensures that not only the lid is securely sealed by lining up the red bars on the cup, but it is also a tamper-proof specimen container. If the seal is unbroken, you can be sure that the product is sterile. When dealing with bodily fluids, safety is a must. The clear graduated specimen collection cup allows you to clearly see and measure its contents without opeining it, and the exclusive metal lid comes complete with plastic lining for extra protection against specimen leaks.

 Sterile Specimen Containers Features:

  • Sterile, clear plastic construction
  • Metal lid with plastic lining
  • Wide mouth, graduated 4 oz sterile container
  • “Positive seal” indicator and tamper evident seal
  • Leak-resistant metal lid
  • Dimensions 2 ¾” x 2 ½”    
  • 200/case



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Precision Sterile Specimen Container Wide Mouth 5 oz (200/case) Tags

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