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ReliaMed Straight Suction Catheter with Thumb Control

$ 0.89

ReliaMed ZRSC12 Straight Suction Catheter is a sterile, flexible catheter with a easy-to-use thumb control for oral suction. This suction catheter provides you with a pain-free inserting, sterile suction catheter for easy, effective removal of fluid in the bronchial tube. This straight suction catheter is made with a stepped connector that holds tightly and two staggered, smooth cut opposing eyes for easy insertion. It is latex-free and features a whistle tip for easy thumb control.

Straight Packed Suction Catheter Features:

  • Whistle tip
  • Tightly holding stepped connector
  • Two staggered, smooth opposing eyes
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • Sterile
  • Latex-free

A yankauer suction catheter is one of the most commonly used mucas removal instruments for doctors and patients alike. Sometimes during an emergency situation, or in tracheostomy patients, the bronchial tube can get filled with fluid (saliva, vomit, blood, etc)and it is necessary for the doctor, or the patient to suction it out before it is aspirated into the lungs. This is where the suction catheter comes in. It is disposable, made with flexible tubing and is connected to a suction device that is used to drain the fluid from the bronchial tube and the mouth. The tubing is measured in French sizes (ex. 6 fr or 10 fr) and, like this straight packed catheter by ReliaMed, is made to be inserted as easily and painlessly as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara B.
Medical supplies

Redirected my order in a timely manor and I was ecstatic Mountainside Medical had what I needed even Wynn other companies didn't. Thank you MM!

Diane P.
Sx cath with thumb control

5 stars and a big alleluia.