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Restore Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing 4 x 4"


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Restore Extra Thin Dressing is a sterile, extra thin occlusive dressing. The flexible film backing acts as a barrier to urine and feces and protects wounds from the external environment. The self-adherent dressing helps maintain a moist healing environment. Transparency allows for wounds observation.


Restore is a classified as a hydrocolloid wound dressing that is used to protect the skin, prevent skin breakdown, and manage superficial wounds with little or no exudate, especially those at risk for friction injury. May be used on stage 1 pressure ulcers, partial-thickness wounds, noninfected wounds, wounds with minimal drainage, and red wounds.



Used to manage non- or lightly exudating wounds and to protect the skin from friction injury.



Not for use on patients with active vasculitis, muscle/tendon/bone ulcers, deep systemic infections, active local infections at the wound site. 



Remove the release paper and press the dressing to the skin removing all wrinkles and leaving a 1" border around the wound site. 



Lift from the edge and peel away from the skin. Dressing can remain until the edges loosen, exudate leaks, signs of infection occur, or 7 days have passed. 

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