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RSV Vaccine RSVPreF3 Antigen-AS01E (PF) Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine 10 Doses, 60 Years Old+ ** Refrigerated Item

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The RSV Vaccine RSVPreF3 Antigen-AS01E (PF) Respiratory Synctial Virus Vaccine is used to prevent or reduce the severity of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in individuals who are 60 years of age or older. It works by triggering the body to produce protective antibodies in order to fight the RSV virus. The shots contain a single dose of ovalbumin-based recombinant RSV fusion protein-containing alum-adjuvanted immunogen, a substance that causes the person to create antibodies. Typically, those who are given the vaccine will require two doses of the vaccine each month apart in order to build up immunity and are advised to start the vaccination series six months before RSV season.

Benefits of Arexvy RSV Vaccine

  • Develops immunity against the disease-causing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  • Provides up to 90% reduction of severe disease, including hospitalizations and deaths, caused by RSV, in children
  • Reduces RSV-associated lower respiratory tract disease and bronchiolitis episodes in infants and 1-11 month old infants
  • Has been proven safe for multiple-dose administration
  • May help protect against RSV-associated ear and/or nose and throat infections
  • Has been administered to more than 1.2 million infants and children without serious safety concerns
  • Effective in protecting premature infants from severe RSV disease, while being safe and well tolerated when given to young infants
  • Is given as a two-stage injection series during RSV season, to babies aged 6 to 24 months in Europe and Asia and older children 9 to 24 months in Latin America
  • RSV Pre F3 Antigen AS01E (PF) is a subunit recombinant vaccine composed of F and G components, proteins that are intrinsic to the RSV virus strain responsible for causing disease worldwide

The RSV Vaccine RSVPreF3 Antigen-AS01E (PF) Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine provides immunization and protection against the virus. It's especially important for children six months of age and younger as they are at increased risk for potential respiratory infections from the virus. The RSV Vaccine is created from a single dose of a molecularly-attenuated and purified RSV strain, providing a strong immune response against the virus. After a single dose of the RSV Vaccine, a person should be immunized for approximately one year. The RSV Vaccine 10 dose package provides individuals with full immunization for at least ten years of reliable protection against the virus. Consequently, the RSV Vaccine is a powerful tool in preventing respiratory infections caused by RSV.

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