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Nasal Cannula High Flow, Salter Labs 1600HF-7-25

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High Flow Nasal Cannula is an oxygen delivery device used to provide higher concentrations of oxygen compared to regular nasal cannulas. It supplies oxygen from 1 to 6 liters of flow rate to a patient. High Flow Nasal Cannula provides improved comfort, humidification, and reduced work of breathing for patients with High Flow Nasal Cannula. It is also used for severe respiratory distress.

Salter Labs 1600HF Nasal Cannula delivers oxygen flows up to 15 LPM. Unique three channel headset tubing with enhanced reservoir face piece. Rectangular style head set tubing slide bolo. Seamless, extra soft, reservoir facepiece anatomically contoured to fit upper lip. Made with bright green supply tubing from the cannula to the oxygen outlet.

The Salter Labs 1600HF Nasal Cannula is an indispensable tool in healthcare settings for patients requiring oxygen therapy. Designed for use with high flow oxygen delivery systems, this nasal cannula offers a comfortable and efficient means of delivering high levels of oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions. The unique design of the 1600HF allows for a secure fit and uninterrupted flow of oxygen, ensuring a more effective treatment. With the ability to deliver up to 15 liters per minute of oxygen, the high flow nasal cannula is a preferred choice for patients who require a higher level of oxygen support. Whether in a hospital, clinic or home setting, the Salter Labs 1600HF Nasal Cannula is a reliable and trusted choice for patients in need of high flow oxygen therapy.


  • 0 to 15 LMP flow rate
  • Allows for higher oxygen saturation levels
  • Larger 3 channel head tubing
  • Enhanced reservoir face piece
  • 7' supply tubing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wayne S. (Middleboro, Massachusetts, United States)
Salter high flow cannulas

I find all salter equipment to be of high quality.and when your blowing 8 liters of oxygen you want equipment you can count on from a company that can get it to you

Schafer (Troy, Michigan, United States)
Glad I found someone else to carry

Was getting these for my dad who is on 9 liters of oxygen from a different supplier. They stopped carrying them and he was devastated. They work great and don't irritate his skin and ears. So glad I found them with mountside medical. Will be buying more for sure.

Frank W.
don't know about quality--- my order mistake

Your order entry was was easy, you provided a very good shipping time. about the product itself, I don't know. I had searched for a 25 foot version and it had led me to what I ordered ( 7 foot version)... I really never looked at the description too much.... It was my own fault. I went back to reorder some 25 foot version ones, and you don't carry them. You are a good company to deal with. Salter does make a 25' High flow cannula, the HF-25 or HF-25-10
and they are really hard to find unless we buy a whole case from Salter. Many of us don't live long enough to need that many.