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SarcoStim Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator

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The SarcoStim 1000 Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator is specifically designed to treat the muscle degeneration condition of the elderly called sarcopenia, or the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength associated with aging. SarcoStim is an advanced electrotherapy device that deeply stimulates the muscles and enables muscle contraction. Sarco A mode works as a muscle warm up and Sarco B mode works as a muscle stimulation mode that finishes with a muscle recovery function.


    • Designed to treat sarcopenia
    • Provides deep stimulation
    • Enables muscle contractions
    • Muscle warm up mode
    • Muscle stimulation mode
    • Muscle recovery function
    • Non-invasive
    • Non-narcotic
    • Can be used by athletes
    • Treatment wraps available for ankle, knee, thigh, hip and back
    • Cumulative therapy
    • Built with comfort and convenience
    • Easy to use

      System Includes:

        • Electrotherapy device
        • Wrap
        • Dual conductive garment electrode pad
        • Lead wires
        • Charger
        • Users manual
        • Carrying case
        • 8 oz spray

          Available Options:

            • SarcoStim Ankle System (calf wrap with 3 x 5 dual pad)
            • SarcoStim Knee System (quad wrap with 4 x 7 dual pad)
            • SarcoStim Back System (back wrap with 4 x 10 dual pad)

              If you suffer from sarcopenia, an athlete with muscle related ailments or injuries or are just looking to enhance your muscle endurance and strength the SarcoStim 1000 Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator is the device for you. The SarcoStim is a non-invasive, non-narcotic treatment that will help in the restoration of muscle strength and will prevent atrophy from continuing its decline. The wraps have high-quality silver conductive material that delivers neuro-muscular targeted electrotherapy signals to treat your muscles.

              Order your SarcoStim 1000 Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator online or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our informative Medical Supply Specialists for more information.

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