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Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin


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The Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin from BoundTree Medical is used to teach multiple techniques in childbirth. Made with a completely anatomically correct pelvic cavity, this latex free manikin features an additional fetus floating in a simulated amniotic sac, interchangeable overlays, a full term fetus with fontanels and cranial sutures, and includes a clear overlay, pregnant belly overlay containing fetus, 6 disposable umbilical cords with clamps, an extra vulva, simulate blood powder, and a soft carry bag.

What better way to learn how to facilitate child birth and learn the procedure for emergency childbirth than to use a completely anatomically correct model? This O.B. manikin not only gives you a visual of what the fetus is like during birth, but also how it is positioned inside the womb. This is a great training aid to teach vertex, normal and breech deliveries, as well as the Leopold's maneuver. Use a medical training mannequin that will better prepare you for real-life situations with the Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin.

An anatomically correct pelvic model used to teach multiple techniques and learn the procedure for emergency childbirth


Great for teaching…

  • Vertex, normal and breech deliveries
  • The Leopold's maneuver

O.B. Manikin Features:

  • Anatomically correct pelvic cavity
  • Contains additional fetus floating in simulated amniotic sac
  • Transparent plastic overlay
  • Anatomically correct, easily replaced vulva
  • Interchangeable overlays, placenta with disposable umbilical cords
  • Full term fetus with fontanels and cranial sutures
  • Life-like spinal column, angled birth canal, ileum, ischium, sacrum, sacro spinious ligaments, and greater sciatic notch
  • Latex free
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  • Clear overlay
  • Pregnant belly overlay containing fetus
  • 6 disposable umbilical cords with clamps
  • Extra vulva
  • Simulate blood powder
  • Soft carry bag


Simulaids Obstetrical Manikin Size: 21" x 13" x 17"

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