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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Skil-Care Econo Gel Wheelchair Pad

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Skil-Care Econo Gel Wheelchair Pad is a wheelchair cushion used to relieve pressure and add comfort. It is made out of a high-density foam on the top and bottom, with a two-part gel in between to provide greater balance. Skil-Care Econo Gel Pad has been improved to include a unique gel pod that provides floatation pressure relief while maintaining the same economical price.  Best buy for quality, value-added wheelchair cushions.

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Skil-Care Econo Gel Wheelchair Pad  Features:

    • Two-part gel pod
    • High density foam
    • Non-slip bottom
    • Heat sealed seams
    • Incontinent proof vinyl cover
    • Available w/polyesther shear layer  

      Skil-Care Corporation invented the Gel-Foam Cushion in 1980. Since then they have developed ways to improve the quality and reduce costs. If this is your 1st wheelchair cushion or if you need to supply a whole physical therapy department, the Econo-Gel Cushion is a great choice.  It provides a comfortable seat alternative with added features that will out last a flimsy foam cushion. The gel pod is separated into two sections, to distribute the weight more evenly.

      Another reason why the Skil-Care cushions are more durable, is because of their heat-sealed vinyl covers. Other manufactures sew the bottom and top sections together, which leaves small holes where urine can enter and damage the cushion. Urine is extremely hard to remove from the foam core and causes a strong odor. Vinyl is fluid-proof, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. 

      The Econo-Gel has a two-toned color which extends the life of the cushion. The top half is yellow and the bottom half is black. By flipping the cushion over once a week to the opposite side can extend the life of the pad (cushion) up to 5 times longer. This minimizes wear on one side and prolongs the life of the foam/gel core. Invest in a long-lasting cushion that will maximize your usage.  Trust Skil-Care and Mountainside to provide quality products at the fairest prices in the healthcare industry. All Skil-Care wheelchair cushions are made in the USA.


      What benefit do Wheelchair Cushions provide?

       While wheelchair upholstery has been improved over the years, not much has been done to improve the comfort of the seat. Maybe you or a loved one sits in a Wheelchair for long periods of time. You know how important it is to make that a more pleasant experience. Wheelchair Cushions can assist in easing the pain and discomfort. Effective cushions are durable, comfortable, and safe. However, select wheelchair cushions and pads provide so much more. With so many possibilities, choosing the right one can be confusing. Below are some of the criteria for selecting the proper wheelchair cushion.


      Which Wheelchair Cushion is Right for Me? 

      3 main types of wheelchair cushions are Air, Foam, and Gel-Foam Cushions.



      Specific Needs for Wheelchair Cushions:

      • Pressure ulcer prevention 
      • Lateral stability 
      • Sliding control 
      • Thigh alignment  
      • Postural symmetry 
      • Coccyx relief 
      • Protective cooling 
      • Prevent bottoming out



      Air Wheelchair Cushions provide the most pressure relief and ulcer sore prevention. They offer ultimate position equalization with the adjustable air pressure capability. The Roho Group has been innovative in these types of wheelchair cushions because of their Shape Fitting Technology. There is a system of channels that allow air cells to flow throughout the cushion and redistribute the pressure which prevents shock, vibration, and friction. Mountainside Medical carries a full line of Roho Cushions

      Foam Wheelchair Cushions can be an inexpensive alternative to the air cushions. Very basic pads are available that will add some comfort, but may not last that long. The material in a foam cushion can become compressed and if not protected with a vinyl cover, can soak up perspiration and fluid. Mountainside offers a full range of quality foam wheelchair cushions that are made of high-density foam or visco-elastic conform cushions that are covered with a heat-sealed and incontinent-proof vinyl. View our selection of foam cushions.

      Gel Wheelchair Cushions are a unique combination of foam cushions with a gel chamber that sits on top or in between layers. The gel is a water-based surface that provides pressure-relieving flotation, but more importantly provides protective cooling which reduces moisture-related skin damage caused by perspiration. Skil-Care Corporation has been the leader in providing the most effective gel-foam cushions since 1980. Mountainside Medical is able to provide the best pricing on Skil-Care products in the healthcare industry.  Check out our Skil-Care line of wheelchair cushions. For more Wheelchair seating and positioning options please visit our Wheelchair Accessories section online or Contact Us at 1-888-687-4334.

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      Just what I was looking for. I got it for my sister who sits a wheelchair often and complains of pain. She even puts it in

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