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Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion


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Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion is a quilted air flotation surface that serves as a wheelchair cushion or comfortable seating enhancement. This unique cushion consists of a foam base and an air chamber on top. The bottom layer provides stability and prevents bottoming out while the adjustable air inflation provides individual pressure relief and position equalization. The Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion is an affordable choice for an air alternative. It is also available with a coccyx cutout.



  1. Air-quilt chamber
  2. High density foam base
  3. Incontinent proof vinyl
  4. Low Shear II outer cover
  5. Secure safety straps
  6. Included hand pump
  7. Coccyx Cutout option



  1. Lift the air valve stem from the cushion
  2. Inflate the cushion with the hand pump until desired level is reached
  3. Secure the air valve stem by pressing the stem back into the cushion



  1. Lift the air valve stem from the cushion
  2. Press on the cushion to force air out through the valve
  3. Press the air valve stem back into the cushion


Start using the Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion for the ultimate in comfort and pressure relief by ordering at a great low price online today, or call to speak with a pleasant customer service associate by phone at 1-888-687-4334.

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