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Skil-Care Gel-Top Sensory Stimulation Tray


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Skil-Care Gel-Top Sensory Stimulation Tray is an aid used to calm and preoccupy restless patients. It is a safe alternative that keeps residents busy and still in their wheelchairs. The Gel-Top Sensory Stimulation Tray attaches to the arms of a wheelchair and rests on the lap of the user. It serves as an armrest that relieves pressure in the arms and elbows, but also promotes better posture, balance and alignment. The Sensory Stimulation Tray appeals to Alzheimer's patients by enticing their vision (visual stimulation) and sense of touch (tactile stimulation).



  1. Water-based gel surface
  2. Colorful moving stars
  3. Anti-bacterial vinyl cover
  4. Fits 16" - 18" Wheelchairs


*Usually Ships in 5-7 Days


Sensory stimulation decreases agitation and anxiousness, improves attention spans, promotes finger strength and hand dexterity, and reduces wandering. Caring for several patients with cognitive impairment can be demanding. Behavior problems arise that can cause stress and danger to the resident and staff. Try to reduce incidents that use intervention methods. It is proven that multi-sensory activities benefit patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. The Skil-Care Gel-Top Sensory Stimulation Tray serves multiple purposes and is a safe and cost-effective control aid.

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