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Skil-Care Sensory Stimulation Gel Pad


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Skil-Care Sensory Stimulation Gel Pad is a tool used to calm agitated or Alzheimer patients. It is important to occupy individuals with cognitive impairment and increase their sensory activity. The Sensory Stimulation Gel Pad promotes an improved attention span, finger dexterity, and touch recognition. Another great feature is the ability to heat the pad to provide pain relief for those suffering from arthritis.   


Stimulation Gel Pad Features

  • Water-based gel
  • Colorful stars that move
  • Wipe-clean vinyl surface
  • Measures 7" x 16"
 *Usually Ships in 5-7 Days


Having a loved one that suffers from dementia or Alzherimer's can be devastataing. Providing care for them can be challenging and difficult. Therefore, anything that can improve the quality of life for the patient and caregiver is worthwhile.  It has been proven that the use of sensory stimulation, as opposed to the use of restraints or sedation, greatly reduces behavior problems, decreases restlessness, and improves sleep. The Skil-Care Sensory Stimulation Gel Pad increases visual and tactile stimulation, but the other five senses can be heightened as well. Skilcare and Mountainside provide other products associated with sensory stimulation.


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