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Statpacks Tidal Volume Oxygen Back Pack

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SKU G24003RE

Statpacks Tidal Volume Packs provide an easy way to carry oxygen. Made with foam-lined materials for durability and padded protection, the Statpacks can hold a regular or Jumbo D sized oxygen cylinder and breathing equipment. This medical pack features an outside accessible urethane window, secure Velcro/buckle attachments, padded shoulder straps, loading handles, reflective taping, tie-down loops, an O2 wrench lanyard, and an LED light attachment point. 22" x 8" x 9" size.


How can you carry your oxygen cylinders safely and easily? With the Statpacks Tidal Volume Pack of course! This padded O2 cylinder case  will keep it's shape and your equipment safe. Not only does Statpacks securely hook onto a cot, but the padded shoulder straps double as a shoulder sling for comfortable, hands-free use during transport. The load handles provide quick and easy carrying, and the reflective taping make working at night that much safer. Use an oxygen tank holder that does so much more than just hold your equipment with the Statpacks Tidal Volume Pack.


Statpacks Features: 

  • Securely holds any regular D or Jumbo D size cylinder
  • Foam-lined construction
  • Outside accessible urethane window
  • Secure Velcro/buckle attachments
  • Padded shoulder straps double as shoulder sling
  • Convenient load handles
  • Oxygen wrench lanyard
  • Reflective taping and tie-down loops
  • LED light attachment point (lights sold separately)
  • Red/Gray color
  • 22" x 8" x 9"
  • Capacity: 3000
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Sold by:  Each


Manufacture: Statpacks
Product Number: G24003RE

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