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Sterile Empty Glass Vial 10 mL Clear


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10 ml empty glass vial. Sterile. The Empty Glass Vial is a clear, sterile glass injection unit that does not contain any water (pyrogen free). Each vial is sterilized with a dry heat process called depyrogenation. This process removes removal of pyrogens from solution, most commonly from injectable pharmaceuticals.

Glass Vial Features: 

    • - No water in vials (pyrogen free)
    • - Sterile, dry heat sterilization (dyrogenation sterilization process)
    • - (other foil colors available)
    • - Clear glass
    • - Butyl compound (synthetic rubber) stopper (latex free)
    • - Size: 10 ml x 20 mm (other sizes are available

      Many people who are doing HCG weight loss injection treatments require that the pyrogen free water not be in the empty glass vials, as this can effect the mixture.

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