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Summit Hand Held Non-Display Dopplers

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Summit Hand-Held Non-Display Doppler is designed to provide you with superior probe sensitivity and sound quality in a vascular or obstetrical Doppler. Complete with interchangeable probes for different applications and extended battery life for more efficient use, this Doppler also features a built-in audio recorder – which is an industry first.


Non-Display Doppler Features:

  • Built-in audio recorded
  • Extended battery life
  • Enhanced probe sensitivity
  • Interchangeable probes
  • 1-year full warranty


Probe Information:

  • OB 2MHz Probe:  Wide-angle beam optimized for deep penetration for late term pregnancy and larger patients. Works best at 10cm+ depths.
  • OB 3MHz Probe:  General purpose OB probe for early fetal heart detection throughout pregnancy.
  • EchoHeart 5MHz Probe:  Transvaginal obstetrical probe use for early fetal-heart detection for retroverted uterus and obese patients
  • 2MHz Waterproof Probe:  Designed for obstetrical use in water applications, and in the labor and delivery department where the probe needs to be waterproof.
  • 4MHz Probe:  Features a broad, wide-angle beam has internally tilted crystals that are optimized for quickly locating vessels.
  • 5MHz Probe:  The medium width beam and pencil-style shape provides optimum sensitivity and ease of use in locating deeper vessels.
  • 8MHz ProbeIs the best general purpose vascular probe, and is designed to ease location of surface vessels. The narrow beam and pencil-style shape provides optimum sensitivity and ease of use. 

*Price may vary depending on the package chosen


What does a Doppler do?

A Doppler has many uses. Two common ones are to monitor the fetus during pregnancy, and to measure blood flow throughout veins and arteries. The fetal Doppler utilizes the reflections of high frequency sound waves to listen to fetal activity inside the mother’s abdomen. By using this obstetric tool, the doctor can monitor the baby’s heartbeat, as well as the blood flow around the baby to make sure she/he is receiving enough nutrients and oxygen.

A vascular Doppler utilizes the same technology and allows the doctor to monitor blood flow through the veins and arteries. By doing this, the doctor can detect blockages, vein and heart valve defects, poor blood circulation, bulging arteries (aneurysms) and clots, among other things. The Doppler is a very useful non-invasive tool in the Medical world.

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