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Super Soft Heel Protector


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The Skil-Care Super Soft Heel Protector is a comfortable heel protection boot used to eliminates pressure on the heel and treat or prevent pressure sores from forming. In addition, the Super heel protector off-loads pressure on heel and controls foot-drop (plantar flexion). Open heel design reduces pressure and allows air-flow for faster heal-time. Made with super soft cozy cloth fabric that’s gentle on the skin. Adjustment strap secures boot to foot. Launderable, reusable and universal (left or right foot).




  1. Universally sized
  2. Adjustable straps
  3. Launderable Cozy Cloth fabric
  4. Deep Vein Thrombosis compatible



Brand:  Skil-Care


Pressure sores on the heel are very common for patients that spend extended periods of time in bed. Sustained pressure on your heel (bony prominence) dramatically increases to risk of acquiring these pain and long-lasting sores. It's estimated that the cost of care to treat a heel ulcer can exceed $10,000 per episode.

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