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Tendersorb Wet-Pruf Abdominal Pads

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Tendersorb Wet-Pruf Abdominal Pads are a non-woven, multi-layered ABD pad for absorbing large amounts of wound fluid. Wet-Pruf ABD pads absorb at least twice as much fluid as other brands. Constructed with three layers to effectively absorb and disperse wound fluid, the pad works to wick moisture away from the wound, keeping it dry and infection-free.



  1. Abdominal or other large incisions
  2. Large trauma sites
  3. Over heavily exudating wounds
  4. Cushioning
  5. Moisture protection



  1. Triple layered material (soft outer non-woven layer, fluff filler, and Wet-Pruf barrier layer)
  2. Sealed edges to prevent linting and leaking
  3. Highly absorbent
  4. Non-woven
  5. Economical
  6. 3 sizes available


Why should I use Tendersorb Wet-Pruf Abdominal Pads?

Simple. Any wound that is kept moist can be subject to infection. In order to prevent this, using a dressing that has superior absorbent properties and is specifically designed to keep a wound dry is the most effective way to keep your patients comfortable and safe. It is also more economical for your facility to do so. A better abdominal dressing means less frequent changes, which will save you in time, money and valuable resources.

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Tendersorb Wet-Pruf Abdominal Pads